Sorry, Climate Change Hasn’t Gone Away Just Because Of COVID-19

You might have noticed that the air is a little bit cleaner since the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s true; measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus caused an overall slowdown in economic activity and there are fewer vehicles on the road. Some Earth orbiting satellites have observed this decrease in pollutants such […]

These Three Plastic Recycling Myths Will Blow Your Mind

Most likely, when you toss your plastic trash into a recycle bin you believe you’re doing the right thing. You think your plastic waste gets magically whisked away to a recycle center where it will be transformed back into more useful plastic items. Recycling feels like a harmless way to get rid of stuff, a […]

Run toward the challenge of climate change. I dare you.

Track Race

Global warming is probably the greatest challenge of our lives. But denying the science or becoming so upset that you feel helpless are not solutions. News reports on climate change are shocking and generally leave little room for hope. Laura Tenenbaum, science communicator and senior science editor for the NASA website Global Climate Change: Vital […]